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Virtual Self-Care Programs Designed for YOU

As a frontline professional who safeguards the wellbeing of our communities, 
self-care can be challenging when faced with trauma and burnout.

Find the personal and professional resiliency you've been looking for with our self-paced, on-demand virtual coaching and education. Our programs will equip you with essential skills like discipline, motivation, emotional support & intelligence, adaptability and problem solving. We go beyond your average self-help tips to give you the tools and actionable advice needed for achieving resiliency and happiness as a community healer and protector.

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Full Programs

Get all the resources you need with our full programs which include eBooks, worksheets, videos and text lessons.

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10-Day Challenges

Challenge yourself with a quick dose of our full programs in just 10-days of lessons.


Restorative Practices

Included in our programs & challenges, practice new skills with activities like yoga, meditation, art and music appreciation.

Get everything you need with our full programs...

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Let it R.A.I.N.

Learn how to leverage this coping framework as someone who is wired for community service. 

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The War2ior™ Mindest

Learn how to approach modern challenges and obstacles with the mindset of a warrior. 

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Finding Love Bible Study

Examine God's promises and proclamations of love in the Bible with this self-guided study. 

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Restoring Faith After Setback

Bring clarity to life's challenges in the appreciation that God selects the broken for his work. 

Challenge yourself in just 10 days...

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Embrace Life's Storms

Learn to leverage the R.A.I.N. coping framework to start feeling clarity in as little as 10-days! 

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CON2QUER Life's Challenges

Find ways to confront your worst fears, set achievable goals, and ultimately conquer your challenges! 

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Dare to Follow Leadership

Discover leadership secrets of a shepherd who dares to follow his flock and push them in the right direction!

"Thank you for sharing your programs. Unlike other 'wellness' programs, this one is about using your burnout as a catalyst for change so you can GROW through your burnout. "

EdD, Maryland

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