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Tell Us Your Story

Believe it or not but you've made history time and time again. We want to hear about it!

Our "Make Room For Your Story" project strives to spread hope and healing by telling the beautiful and tough stories that come from caregiving caregiver experiences. We'll work tirelessly to ensure your story is preserved and shared with discretion for everyone's benefit.

We've made sharing your story as easy as possible. Just fill out one or more of the surveys below! All responses will be used in Hope to Healing research to help us advocate on your behalf when advising caregiving organizations. You can also influence our educational programs that help caregivers find resilience and reduce stress.


All surveys are anonymous! You will have the option to remain confidential or submit your responses publicly at the end of each survey.


My Stresses as a Caregiver

Every caregiver experiences extreme stress at some point in their career. What are the sources of your stress at work?

11 Multiple Choice | 8 Written Response

Approx. 10-15 Minutes

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Diversity in 
My Profession

Have you encountered barriers or biases in your career because of race, ethnicity, or heritage? Share your experiences with us to help inspire change.

5 Multiple Choice | 6 Written Response

Approx. 10-15 Minutes

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My Long-Term Caregiving Perspectives

Have you been in a caregiving profession for over 15 years? Let us know how things have changed and what you hope for in future generations.

5 Multiple Choice | 7 Written Response

Approx. 10-15 Minutes


How I Survived the Worst of COVID-19

We all have a COVID-19 story to tell. Share with us the stress you experienced and how you coped with the turmoil.

8 Multiple Choice | 5 Written Response

Approx. 10-15 Minutes

Copy of PDF Preview Banners (2).jpg

Why I Left
Caregiving for Good

Have you left a caregiving profession for good? Whatever the reasons, we'd like to hear the motivations behind leaving caregiving permanently.

6 Multiple Choice | 8 Written Response

Approx. 10-15 Minutes

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I Have a Story To Tell


Do you have a specific story in mind you feel other caregivers or organizations could benefit from hearing?


Share it with us to spread awareness about caregiving stress and burnout. This survey is one type-field for you to write out and submit your story.

Why Your Stories Matter

Community protection and caregiver support professionals are frequently pressured to remain silent about their stresses and worries. We are expected to shoulder the burden of our chosen professions and continue pushing forward. Beyond that, our leaders often have a lack of understanding of what happens on the front lines of service which leaves us feeling unheard and overburdened. 


This situation has only worsened with a pandemic and mass resignations. Research has failed to keep up with these trends to assess the rapidly changing work environments and stress experienced by caregivers. As a result, faulty assumptions are made based on outdated concepts of burnout or stress. With your help, we can gauge how stress in caregiving has evolved in recent years to come up with better definitions and research metrics. 


Confidentidential surveys will help us to advocate on your behalf to advise organizations on how to care for their workforce effectively. They will further help us to improve our education services to help fellow caregivers build resiliency and reduce stress. Public responses will help us to spread awareness of caregiver stress among the public and across different fields. Your identity will remain anonymous regardless. 

Not a Fan of Surveys?

Contact us to set up a meet-and-greet followed by an interview to discuss one of the survey topics in casual conversation instead. Your identity will remain confidential with us.

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