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This is a safe space for those learning to embrace the storms of life to ask questions, pose ideas, find connections and give feedback. Extra resources that cannot be found in the programs or challenges can be found here!

Comment/Participation Policy: Hope to Healing has the right to remove any comments that contain unsolicited ads, inappropriate content, bullying, and spam. Group members have the right to report members that post harassment and spam. Hope to Healing will take action at their discretion. By participating in this group, you consent to these terms.

Community Rules:

Be a Source of Hope and Healing: Often, hearing a different perspective can help us to heal and grow. Please be civil and keep it constructive when discussing opinions, ideas, or beliefs. Elevate others in an effort to heal - don't knock them down.

Be Patient and Kind: Everyone is on a healing journey which can be frustrating at times as we grow. Be patient and kind towards others state of mind, opinions, and values.

No Hate Speech or Bullying: Degrading comments regarding race, sexual orientation, gender, identity, culture, religion and profession are not tolerated under any circumstances.

No Spam, Harassment, or Promotions: Self-promotion, advertisements, spam or unrelated links are not allowed. You are free to share public resources with the purpose of sharing free knowledge - not services.

Respect Privacy: Any unauthorized sharing of another members personal information within the Hope to Healing site or elsewhere will result in the immediate ban from this group, courses, and the Hope to Healing website.


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  • August 9, 2022


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