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Find the Right Services

Check out our anonymous and confidential surveys that will assess your current professional state of work and personal state of mind. The answers will generate a recommendation of which courses or programs to start with.

Professional Quality of Life Scale (proQOL) - 4 Minutes

This survey will assess your professional life as a caregiver. Use it to determine if you are experiencing compassion satisfaction, burnout, or secondary traumatic stress. 

Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) - 2 Minutes

OLBI has been extensively used in research to measure job and academic burnout. Use this survey to determine if you are experiencing burnout and at what level.

Perceived Organizational Support (POS) - 2 Minutes

Perceived Organizational Support (POS) is the perception that your organization values your work and cares about your well-being. Find our your POS with this survey.

What Critter Am I? Identify Your Change Tolerance - 1 Minute

We have a selection of critters that embody different responses to change. Knowing what type of change critter you are will help you face the tides of change with fewer surprises. 

Operational Police Stress Questionaire - 2 Minutes

Are you a police officer experiencing stress? Take this survey to assess your level of stress under different circumstances like working alone at night, risk of being injured, etc.

Clergy Occupational Distress Index (CODI) - 1 Minute

This five-item index allows clergy members, who traditionally have not been the subject of occupational health studies, to assess their level of occupational distress.

Leadership Style Quiz 

- 1 Minute

Discover what energizes and fulfills you as a leader. You stand to become a more effective leader by knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and style as a leader. 

How Much Support Do I Have in My Life? - 1 Minute

When the world is crashing in, it's difficult to assess how much support you have. Take this survey to identify your support network so you can start feeling less alone or stressed. 

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