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Care of the Caregiver: When Healing Hurts

Lacey A. Hart, M.B.A., D.D. h.c.

Apr 21, 2022

TMIT Global High Performer Webinar Series.

We are pleased to partner with TMIT, SafetyLeaders®, for their Global High Performer Webinar Series.

We will present the H2 vision and framework for our work and are honored to have an excellent panel of experts to react including Dr 's Ross Martin, Charles Denham and Jeanne Huddleston; and RN's Ky Corbet and Heather Foster. WARENESCCONTAILITABILITACTION

  • Learn risk factors for compassion fatigue with latest trends in burnout for healthcare, community workers, first responders, and teachers.

  • Understand frameworks for coping, healing, resiliency for oneself and supporting others based on neurosciences specific to those who are wired for caregiving.

  • Explore restoration practices with emerging social sciences based on Christian Foundations for mind, body and soul.

  • Leverage resources and how to champion restoration for these precious caregiving resources to preserve these critical resources for humanity.

View the webinar with discussion and download the slides here:

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