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Let it RAIN Program

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Our "Let it Rain" program is your definitive guide to emotional empowerment in which we learn to recognize our emotions, accept their presence, investigate those emotions with curiosity instead of frustration, and remember that you are more than any single emotion. In the process, you can enhance soft skills like emotional intelligence, adaptability, and problem solving. This program is self-paced, fully available, and on-demand. So, you can take your time and revisit the content whenever you need it! You can expect along the way: 6 Meditation Videos / Audio 11 Reflective Worksheets / Guides 1 Downloadable eBook 3 Art & Music Therapy Exercises This course will take you approximately a 1.4 hours to complete not including restorative practices or worksheets. Approx. Reading Time: 3 Min Total Video / Audio Time: 15 Min

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Let it Rain Forum

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