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Mindset Frameworks

Our Mindset Frameworks will provide you with the coping, healing, resilience, and leadership skills to rediscover your confidence and passions as a caregiver. These frameworks account for the unique neuroscience of caregivers and cater to the needs of someone like you who naturally prioritizes the care of others before yourself.

Our online courses include lessons, eBooks, videos, exercises, worksheets, and additional resources. Coaching is an optional service experienced through small groups giving you the opportunity to discover connections and community support.

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Let it RAIN

When fatigued or overstressed, just let the RAIN...DROP

Discover a new way to work through confusing and persistent emotions that seem out of your control with the RAIN framework. When we learn to embrace the storm of our emotions, it frees us to care for others with even more empathy and consistency.

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A WAR2IOR Mindset

Discover your inner resolve to face challenges with courage

Have you ever wanted to do something but fear kept you from going for it? Do you wonder what it would take to muster the strength and courage to go after your dreams? Give the WAR2IOR Mindset a try and awaken your inner lion of courage to pursue your goals with a focused passion. 

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Find HOP2E Again

Uncover ways to rediscover hope after a setback from stress or trajedy 

When healing hurts us and we feel depleted, feelings of self-doubt and hopelessness start to creep in. Discover ways to combat these feelings and transform them into constructive ones with our HOP2E framework.

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CON2QUER Challenges

Find the personal strength to face challenges with resolve and not fear 

What's stopping you from reaching your goals? Discover tools that will help you conquer challenges with overwhelming force in this course. Learn skills like grit, confidence, persistence, and resilience to better combat the hurdles you face. 

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Flourish with MERC2Y

When life knocks you down and it becomes difficult to care, find ways to forgive yourself 

Are you feeling a lack of compassion for those you serve? Does that feeling spark guilt and make you lose motivation? Equip yourself with the tools to accomplish compassion resilience in this course. Discover how to refill your capacity for great empathy and start feeling whole again.

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CRUS2H Limiting Beliefs

Do you feel stuck in life? Like you're held back and it's impossible to move forward?

Does every attempt you make to succeed or improve feel like a failure? Does it feel like no one cares about your struggles? Empower yourself with the ability to slay your inner dragons and move forward with confidence in this course. You will also find ways to ask for guidance and clarity more effectively.

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