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Shelby Hart, M.S.

Director of Education & Academic Research;

Oral Historian (Board Relations Officer)


Education / Certifications

Caregiving Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Adult Education Coordinator 



A Bit About Me

Shelby is our everyday historian with a passion for making the past accessible, relevant, useful, gender-inclusive and culturally representative. Her studies began with an interest in politics and travel which ultimately converged into a Bachelor’s in International Relations.


Shelby has traveled to China, India, UK and Ireland, several European countries and across the US throughout her undergraduate studies. After all of this travel, she realized that history was at the root of her passion for politics and culture. So, she went onto graduate school to pursue a Masters in History.


In pursuit of her Masters, she developed an interest in nonprofit leadership and fundraising through her internships at the Blue Earth County Historical Society (BECHS) and the Betsy-Tacy Historical Society. She also served on the event planning board for BECHS’ annual fundraiser in 2020 and 2021. In the final year of her Masters, she completed her own studies amid the COVID pandemic all while helping students struggling with burnout as a graduate teaching assistant. 


Shelby previously served as Education Coordinator & History of Medicine Faculty for HB Healthcare Safety, a Social Benefit Corporation actively pursuing an end to all pain and suffering caused by failures in care delivery. She now plans to combine her diverse experiences through Hope to Healing by crafting historically, spiritually, and culturally rooted education that helps front-line care providers combat compassion fatigue, burnout, and pressures of a changing world.

Q & A 

What about the mission of Hope to Healing hit's home for you and why?

How do you 'Hope to Heal' others through your talents and experience?

What are your favorite things in the world outside of work?

Hope to Healing gives me the opportunity to help others through education in a non-academic setting. In going to graduate school, my biggest aspiration was to become a professor. However, burnout set-in pretty quickly after witnessing the politics of academic life, working a full course load, experiencing constant imposter syndrome, feeling like an inadequate researcher, and serving as a teaching assistant putting the needs of undergraduates before myself. That’s not to mention the pandemic halfway through it all. Ultimately, I lost all drive to pursue a Ph.D. and become a professor but I still love education and have an immense passion for helping others in any way I can.

I hope to heal caregivers with compassion through my own experiences of burnout and provide them with quality coaching programs that fulfill the mind, body, and soul.

Traveling with my boyfriend, my cute dog, creating art, and horseback riding!

Meet Lucky, my emotional support coworker!

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