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Compassion Begets Compassion: Our Recent Podcast Interview

Our founder, Lacey Hart, was recently featured on the Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ podcast! She discussed our mission as a nonprofit, the overlooked need for wellness among caregivers, and how our services are tailored to caregivers and community protectors who find healing and purpose by serving others.

This podcast was the perfect platform to raise awareness on the importance of self-awareness and self-advocacy in the face of burnout and broken organizational systems. Listen to learn more about the urgent need for sustainable methods of wellness and resiliency - instead of just taking a vacation or going to the spa to temporarily avoid stress.

You can listen to the podcast below. However, we definitely recommend visiting the Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ website for more expert interviews:

The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ is on a mission to enhance the well-being of the Twin Cities community. As their website states, “through collaboration, support of others, and willingness to share expertise, we can spur one another towards heightened well-being.”

Special thanks to Alex Morrall for a wonderful talk!

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