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Image by Dan Farrell

Self Healing through Art

Simply, Art Heals. Whether through taking time to appreciate art or bring out your creative side. Exposure to art & participation in creative activities creates positive brain changes.


Art Appreciation

We invite you to set aside just 10-minutes to experience your own art appreciation and help stimulate your brain and emotions. To help you make a start, we’re sharing recordings of narrated art appreciation from Combat Stress, which will guide you and which you may find useful. 


Unleash Creativity

You do not need to be an artist. The process simply involves bringing out your artistic personality to achieve change or better knowledge of yourself.

Image by Valentina Dominguez


Art Exercises

Want to try unleashing your creativity in a small group?

Use the contact information below to request your name be placed on a wait list for our next facilitated Art session. 


Art Therapy

Art Therapy promotes a positive and humanistic vision of the individual, capable of overcoming the challenges one encounters thanks to ones inner resources, which must sometimes be unlocked.

Art Therapy is Particularly Effective in Times of Crisis:

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“Corona on My Mind” by Michele D. Rattigan, MA, ATR-BC, NCC, LPC, Clinical Associate Professor, Drexel University College of Nursing & Health Professions.

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